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Is this how things are meant to be?
Oh doubts you make I hard to see
My mind is working overtime
I don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight

Now you’re just a question mark
The musings of a battered heart
And I don’t want to lead you on
If we’re not meant to be as one

Well I hate the way that we yell and fight
But I don’t see the way
We could work this out, put it all behind
But I don’t want to stay

Every time we compromise
I only feel more polarized
Though the motions try their best
They cannot fix this disconnect

I can’t believe it was a waste
All those years just dissipate
But looking back it’s just one part
In shaping who we really are

I know we’re scared of the unknown
It’s the only place that’s left to go
It’s time we walked our paths alone
The road we’re on won’t lead to home

(c) 2014 Static State


from Polarized, released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Static State Melbourne, Australia

A four piece rock band from Melbourne!

Scott Eddison // Isaac Naylor // Matt Tonkin

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