by Static State

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released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Static State Melbourne, Australia

A four piece rock band from Melbourne!

Scott Eddison // Isaac Naylor // Matt Tonkin

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Track Name: Four Walls
Four Walls

It gets so cold
As the sun goes down
We’re lost souls
As daylight dies

Without hope
Or a guiding sign
We can’t cope
We need a light

Let’s rise up
Take this chance
Break free of our circumstance

There’s a new day
And it’s waiting outside
There’s a new day
And it’s brought us to life
We’re awake, we’re alive
Now this is our time
Let’s stand up, let’s cry out
We will fight for our lives

We’ve found life
In a brand new way
We’ve conquered strife
Our strength prevails

Let’s rise up
Take this chance
They won’t put off our advance

We won’t believe what they say
We won’t sell ourselves short

We won’t let go
We are alive
We won’t lie down
This is our time

(c) 2014 Static State
Track Name: Isn't It Time
Isn’t It Time?

Isn’t it time
That you drew a line?
You’ve been sitting on this fence forever
It’s time to take a stand, it’s now or never

Don’t sell yourself short
You’ve got what it takes
But you’ve been wearing this mask for so long
When are you going to find yourself and move on?

Please don’t give in and keep living a lie
Take heart, dear friend, let your dreams come alive

So now’s your time
Step into the light
Leave your mistakes behind you now
Discover yourself
You and no-one else
Is this the life you long for now?

Jot it all down
Write it all out
I think it’s time to put the past behind you
Everyone knows that your actions define you

Turn a new page
It’s the season for change
Why don’t you try to grab this life with both hands
While telling your fears and doubts to disband?

(c) 2014 Static State
Track Name: Your Eyes
Your Eyes

Standing by your side
My world it comes alive when I’m with you
Do you feel the same way too?

I’m not the best with words
You’re more than I deserve, I’ll be your man
My heart is in your hands

Give me a chance and I will prove myself to you

Staring in your eyes
It comes as no surprise
Now I’m with you
There’s nothing I’d rather do
Staring in your eyes
My heart it feels alive
Now I’m with you
Love has never felt so true

Place your hand in mine
We’re running out of time so don’t look back
Don’t let our love fall through the cracks

Come away with me
There’s so much we could be this is our time
I am yours so won’t you be mine?

So won’t you come with me tonight?
Everything will be alright

Oh come, won’t you come?
Will you run away with me?
We’ll escape this place tonight
Oh come, won’t you come?
Will you run away with me?
Everything will be alright

(c) 2014 Static State
Track Name: Silhouettes

You’re heading down an empty street wandering aimlessly
While in your heart you’re crying, screaming your silent plea

You watch the sun setting down while the world turns grey
A second chance gone with the passing of another day
The lights fade out leaving the world cast in silhouettes
And in the shadows you’re left with your life’s regrets

If only there was a way to go back and change the past
Instead of living this life helpless and so downcast

Finally a plan succeeds and then life’s alright
The way it should be now there’s finally hope in sight

You watch the sun rising up as the dark gives way
A second chance here with the dawning of another day
The lights turn on bringing the world out of silhouettes
And in the sunrise you’re left now with no regrets

(c) 2014 Static State
Track Name: Breathe In
Breathe In

Watch the world slip into shadow
As the sunlight fades away
The moon comes up to take its place
And the stars are on display

You know that this is nothing new
And that it happens everyday
But it is easy to distract yourself
When something’s not ok

You search for solid ground

Breathe in
Now take some time
Just breathe in
And realign
Take a step back
You can sort this out
You’ve just got to have faith
So now shed your doubts

Well it’s hard to stand for something
When none of it makes sense
You’re always feeling on the ropes
And lying is your best defence

Why fight for something shallow?
When chances are it’s fake
Oh you could live for so much more
‘Cause you’ve got what it would take

You’re finding solid ground

If you believe the lies you tell yourself
It would do more harm than it would help
Are you a victim of your circumstance?
Or are you too afraid to take a chance?
You needn’t settle for second best
Over time you’ll clean this mess
And it will all make sense
It will all make sense

(c) 2014 Static State
Track Name: Disconnect

Is this how things are meant to be?
Oh doubts you make I hard to see
My mind is working overtime
I don’t know if I’ll sleep tonight

Now you’re just a question mark
The musings of a battered heart
And I don’t want to lead you on
If we’re not meant to be as one

Well I hate the way that we yell and fight
But I don’t see the way
We could work this out, put it all behind
But I don’t want to stay

Every time we compromise
I only feel more polarized
Though the motions try their best
They cannot fix this disconnect

I can’t believe it was a waste
All those years just dissipate
But looking back it’s just one part
In shaping who we really are

I know we’re scared of the unknown
It’s the only place that’s left to go
It’s time we walked our paths alone
The road we’re on won’t lead to home

(c) 2014 Static State