Breathe In

from by Static State



Breathe In

Watch the world slip into shadow
As the sunlight fades away
The moon comes up to take its place
And the stars are on display

You know that this is nothing new
And that it happens everyday
But it is easy to distract yourself
When something’s not ok

You search for solid ground

Breathe in
Now take some time
Just breathe in
And realign
Take a step back
You can sort this out
You’ve just got to have faith
So now shed your doubts

Well it’s hard to stand for something
When none of it makes sense
You’re always feeling on the ropes
And lying is your best defence

Why fight for something shallow?
When chances are it’s fake
Oh you could live for so much more
‘Cause you’ve got what it would take

You’re finding solid ground

If you believe the lies you tell yourself
It would do more harm than it would help
Are you a victim of your circumstance?
Or are you too afraid to take a chance?
You needn’t settle for second best
Over time you’ll clean this mess
And it will all make sense
It will all make sense

(c) 2014 Static State


from Polarized, released October 12, 2014



all rights reserved


Static State Melbourne, Australia

A four piece rock band from Melbourne!

Scott Eddison // Isaac Naylor // Matt Tonkin

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